Valentine's Post and Gift Ideas She Will Love

What I'm wearing: Jack Wills Jacket, Ted Baker shoes, Ray Ban sunnies FEATURING: Boga Tie, Vest and Chinos

Valentine's is round the corner this week and I have observed guys from all age groups wander with two main questions; First being what to wear and second what presents to buy their ladyloves. 

Answering the former, I didn't want go for a dark suit with red essentials, as its already been done too many times. On the contrary, I added my light brown chinos and tweed jacket to keep it light and subtle. Adding a hint of color just to show off the occasion is the mineral red vest, blending in well with the outfit. Lastly, my favorite piece is the tobacco and grey plaid tie adding that bold character to the styling.

Coming to the latter: 

These top 5 suggestions are more of an experience which will keep her day full of surprises rather than gifting her something material or tangible, with later being left in doubt whether she would really like it or not. So here it goes..

Fully Paid Spa Day:

If going to the spa isn’t your thing you can always ask her to bring a friend along for the experience. But the point being Valentine’s Day, you’re supposed to do things together and celebrate love. In another instance some of the guys might be lucky, where she might choose gossiping with her girlfriend at the spa over seeing your annoyed face while she makes you take a mud bath.

Weekend Getaway:

Everyone loves surprises. Plan a road trip and book up a cabin up in the mountains for the weekend. Imagine the two of you, a blazing fire, snow-kissed mountains and a pitcher of apple cider spiked with rum. Now that’s an experience on Valentine’s Day!

Cooking Classes:

This is a win - win situation. Your girlfriend learns to cook like Jamie Oliver and you get a meal at the end of the class; another instance, those classes don’t impact your girlfriends cooking skills...but you still get a free meal at the end of the class. I’m telling you, this gift can’t let you down.


I had to include at least one tangible surprise in the list. Girls pick out their bras with utmost careful consideration and are willing to blow $50+ on just one, even if it drains their bank account. On the contrary, Panties are sort of a second thought and consequently girls tend to end up with amazing bras and grotty panties. So please gift her some! One positive aspect to the present is, you can easily guess what size she is (S,M,L) more accurately than you can guess her bra size.

Take her out to 50 Shades of Grey:

If you're probably too late in buying your Valentine a present. This is your safest bet. Being the most awaited film this Valentine's, it has been highly accepted with alot of enthusiasm amongst its female fans.
Have a great Valentine's y'all. Tag me in your outfits on Instagram.

Photos by Sakshi Parikh


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