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With finally being back in NYC and catching up on the usual regime, this week has went quite well. These pictures were taken by Sakshi right before I left for India when the weather was still quite pleasant unlike now where today it had a puny decline to negative 6 celsius.
I have been longing to show this jacket for Boda Skins which completely defines and adds character to the outfit. I have had strangers come up to me and remark about it 'Thats a snazzy jacket you're wearing' or going a bit raunchy to 'That's one sexy jacket you have on you there'. 
Other items in the outfit include these new black denims from BLK DNM and shoes from Dr. Martens, along with shirt from Zara.
With fairly being active on Instagram, I recently posted a short video from one of my soon to come outfits. Would love to hear what you all think of it, to check it out CLICK HERE.
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Photos: Sakshi Parikh
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  1. Amazing leather jacket, I like it!!


  2. super stylish look man!!! you look sharp in this jacket

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    Greets Jon