4 Foods That Whiten Your Teeth

A smile warms hearts and opens doors, also creating the first impression of you in minds of others. In that smile, your teeth play an important role too; yellow, crooked teeth might just close those open doors and take away that warmth. In the present time, there needs to be more to a smile, beautiful teeth enhancing that smile. Your teeth speak a lot about your health, acting as a mirror condition of your body. Due to increase in consumption of alcohol and smoking which leads to deteriorating health and oral condition. Before I move on, I don’t ask for you to quit on the above, but only to act in moderation.


Strawberries are red, beautiful and known as nature's love. Malic acid, the magical ingredient found in them which acts as a natural astringent to remove surface tooth discolouration. Best part, they are widely available and can be mixed and consumed in any meal - salads, desserts, cereal.

Seeds and Nuts:

These healthy fat and full of protein snacks are what you need to get those pearly whites. I usually consume them as my mini meal after lunch. Existing plaque and stains are rubbed off by the stimulate saliva of these hard foods leading to cleaner and whiter teeth.


Another high on Malic acid fruit leading to increase in saliva production leading to clean teeth helps to remove stains and fighting the bad breath and plaque causing bacteria. What's more, apples crispiness leads to strong gums. It also keeps teeth debris and gum bacteria at bay.


Acting as a sponge to your teeth, throw in a few into your lunch - every single chew is fighting those stains and plaque bacteria on the surface of your teeth. Their is high iron content found in greens like Broccoli which form a thin coat protecting the teeth from enamel eroding acids found in soda. Unlike other veges these don’t stay stuck in your teeth while munching.

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  1. I never heard of foods that can whiten your teeth! Great tips X Laura www.mixtfashion.com

  2. I really love a bright and white smile :) I didnt knew that fruits like apples or strawberries can whiten your teeth!! Thx for that :)


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  6. I love reading your blog, great tip and great style information, i love your style and the way you mix and match every outfit. Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia.


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