Wall St. - NYC

Yoo people. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving break. I personally had a smacker in San Diego and Vegas. It was much needed getaway from work and getting to travel a bit around America. Also NYC has been getting chilly as the days pass by, so being on the west coast and getting a bit of sun wasn't really a bad idea.
Now as I am back in NYC, I wanted to share one of my recent outfits from my visit to Wall Street. Sporting one of my classic tweed jackets from Jack Wills along with pants from Zara and one of my favorite items of the outfit being my shoes from Paul Evans. They are quite a versatile pair in regards to their styling and can be worn with denims to give a casual, yet classy look.

Photos: Petronella Aslund

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  1. Great style!!

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  2. These photos are gorgeous!

    Igee Okafor
    Style Enthusiast/Blogger

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