GIVEAWAY !!! (Win these Ray Ban Sunnies)

It is that time of the year when everyone is receiving or giving presents - well I thought of doing the same for you guys out there. Since a very long time I have had a huge obsession with sunglasses. They're always adding detail to my look, each one I own has a character and speaks for itself. I'm certain a lot of you must have observed that my favourite ones are the Ray Ban Clubmaster. Quite an appealing pair due to their versatility and fitting in with most of my looks, whether it be casual or a bit formal. 

Keeping in mind the festive season, I am GIVING-AWAY 2 pairs of these sunnies (Free shipping worldwide). 

From today until next Sunday (28th Dec'14) you will have the chance to win the First pair on my Instagram and the Second on the website, where you can enter right here: ENTER NOW!!!

You've got nothing to lose, so don't miss out. Good Luck! 


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  1. You do have a great blog! I love you style and you sunglasses! I hope I will win won :-P
    merry Christmas to you :)

  2. You look great.


  3. Following you on Bloglovin' as Sarah Ann Dela Cruz and on IG as @konakouture

  4. you look gorgeous! followed on bloglovin as mhoie1325 and ig: @mhoie1325

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