#GetHealthy - Let's Get DRUNK Healthy!

This liquid is an essential part to most of our lives (no, it’s not water), though we know it doesn’t do us any good in regards to health. It’s usually beside us during our joys and sorrows, yes, you know what I am talking about. ALCOHOL !!!

Most of us need that occasional drink, although “Healthy” and “Alcohol” don’t mix well. Warning for you healthy alcoholics, the healthiest ways to drink alcohol aren’t really healthy, although too much of a healthy drink can also have you lying in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning.


Consuming neat liquor (i.e. vodka, gin, whiskey and scotch) is healthiest if served neat or on the rocks, though not the best of the tastes but it does the job. These liquids go easy on the body and calories if consumed in moderation. The calorie count may vary from 90-110 with zero carbs. I personally am a vodka person and usually mix my drink with tonic water.

Liquor served neat or on the rocks usually come as a double shot, due to the whole idea of it being consumed in moderation. So that it isn’t finished right away. However, when consumed with low cal mixers, such as ginger ale or pineapple juice the calorie count shoots up to anywhere b/w 120-135 cals with carbs varying around 30-35 grams along with high volumes of alcohol consumption.


Wine is a pretty healthy alternative to hard liquor, although a 5-ounce serving may contain 100-150 calories with about 5 grams of carbs, also comes packed with tons of nutritional value. Though with a few extra calories and carbs wine has led to reduce blood clots, lower ‘bad’ cholesterol and boost good cholesterol, along with reducing risk of depression, cancer and diabetes.


Everyone’s favorite, beer which I personally never developed a taste; I still consider myself to be more of a cider person. Unfortunately, both come loaded with carbs and calories, which fill you up quickly and develop a beer belly. Most beers contain approximately 130 calories per unit and cider about 170 calories. However, do keep in mind with low calories they also contain low alcohol contents – which a balance beer or cider drinker might want to think about.

If you're going to avoid beer and cider, stouts are a good option. They're made of whole grains, which give them their caramel, darker colour. They contain vitamin B12, soluble fibre and antioxidants, which have same benefits as wine, by reducing risk of blood clots and other heart problems.


Though these might be healthy ways to drink, the real key is to drink in moderation. One way to measure the alcohol consumption, analyse the drunk and tipsy level is by drinking water between alcoholic drinks, which could also prevent a hangover. Consuming food before drinking, specially dairy or starch – can coat the stomach in preparation from the alcoholic attack, by soaking up the alcohol and mediating the process.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask. I'd be happy to help.

Hope y'all enjoyed.

Lav ;)

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