#GetHealthy - Foods To Have Before Bed !

This week's #GetHealthy post is about foods to have before you go to bed. Most of us like to fill up our tummies with the misconception of having a good night's sleep. But a lot of us forget that with that good night's sleep, our next morning and many future ones to come are affecting our health in a negative way.

However, if you still wanna listen to your nagging tum-tums, you can always treat it with some healthy protein which boosts your body's energy expenditure. Furthermore, it helps in muscle building and repairing tissues after workout.

Kicking off with:

1. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are protein-rich foods with fiber and heart-healthy fats. They are never associated with fat gain, although they are high in calories. They are also a good source of magnesium, which helps in falling asleep and helps muscles relax.

2. Cherries

One of my favorite foods to have before bed, I literally end up finishing the whole pack once I start. They are said to increase the body's production of melatonin, a hormone that naturally makes you feel sleepy. Drinking cherry tart juice results in small improvements in sleep duration  and quality in adults who suffered from chronic insomnia, also the juice can be an alternative if snacking on a bag of cherries seems unappetising.

3. Hard - Boiled Eggs

One of the richest sources of protein, which fills you up and helps you stay asleep through the night. Scrambled eggs or an omelet for dinner are other alternatives.

4. Tea

There's no harm with having a cup of decaffeinated tea before bed. My personal favorite is Chamomile, but alot of people also prefer Green tea, which also contains theanine, which helps you fall asleep.

5. Soy - Based Foods

These make excellent bedtime foods. Especially for individuals following vegetarian or vegan meal plans. Soy contains all essential amino acids which the body demands for everyday use, unlike most other plant based products. Foods made from soy include tofu, tempeh, edamame etc. 

Have a great week.

Lav x

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  1. Hi! Just seen your blog. Very nice work and nice pictures! I'll add you to my feedreader ;) x

  2. Great post and blog.Love posts like this.I'm always searching for something new and healthy.

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  4. Soy. Are you kidding me.Study shows that Soy can give a person breast cancer. I would leave that out of my diet.

    1. Moderation is the key here, research shows soy reacts differently to animal tests compared to humans. A detailed answer and research to your statement is in this link: http://www.cancer.org/cancer/news/expertvoices/post/2012/08/02/the-bottom-line-on-soy-and-breast-cancer-risk.aspx (Hope this helps)