Central Park - NYC

Tee- Jack Wills, sneakers - Valentino, bracelet - Giles and Brothers, watch - Larsson & Jennings 

Yo guys, hope the weekend's been nice to y'all. Although this past week it was quite rainy, NYC was beautiful today with the sun gazing over it. I still cant get over how much this city has to offer everyone livin' here. 

As I am sad seeing the warm weather slip away, I am excited to layer my outfits, with some of my favorite coats and jackets, like I did in this one with my green canvas jacket from Ralph Lauren. I paired it with denim from Adriano Goldschmied which have become my go-to pair, if you have noticed I usually go for dark navy as its easy to style and literally goes with anything. My favorite part however are the camou sneakers from Valentino, which add a whole-lot of detail to the whole outfit. My passion for camou is reignited so dont be surprised if you see them often on here. 

Hope you have a great start to the week.

Lav x
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#GetHealthy - Foods To Have Before Bed !

This week's #GetHealthy post is about foods to have before you go to bed. Most of us like to fill up our tummies with the misconception of having a good night's sleep. But a lot of us forget that with that good night's sleep, our next morning and many future ones to come are affecting our health in a negative way.

However, if you still wanna listen to your nagging tum-tums, you can always treat it with some healthy protein which boosts your body's energy expenditure. Furthermore, it helps in muscle building and repairing tissues after workout.

Kicking off with:

1. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are protein-rich foods with fiber and heart-healthy fats. They are never associated with fat gain, although they are high in calories. They are also a good source of magnesium, which helps in falling asleep and helps muscles relax.

2. Cherries

One of my favorite foods to have before bed, I literally end up finishing the whole pack once I start. They are said to increase the body's production of melatonin, a hormone that naturally makes you feel sleepy. Drinking cherry tart juice results in small improvements in sleep duration  and quality in adults who suffered from chronic insomnia, also the juice can be an alternative if snacking on a bag of cherries seems unappetising.

3. Hard - Boiled Eggs

One of the richest sources of protein, which fills you up and helps you stay asleep through the night. Scrambled eggs or an omelet for dinner are other alternatives.

4. Tea

There's no harm with having a cup of decaffeinated tea before bed. My personal favorite is Chamomile, but alot of people also prefer Green tea, which also contains theanine, which helps you fall asleep.

5. Soy - Based Foods

These make excellent bedtime foods. Especially for individuals following vegetarian or vegan meal plans. Soy contains all essential amino acids which the body demands for everyday use, unlike most other plant based products. Foods made from soy include tofu, tempeh, edamame etc. 

Have a great week.

Lav x

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New York City

Guys, hope y'all are doing great ! This weeks been super busy at work, barely anytime to for anything else. But thats when weekends kick in to give you extra time to do other things. I am utilising this one, by poppin' at some bars in NYC, last night I went to The Tippler in Meatpacking. Anyone been there?
 No idea for the one tonight, but come on, its NYC we'll figure out something sick. Any suggestions from you guys? Also I have been posting very regularly on my Instagram about my time here, feel free to check it out.

This street style post is outside The New York Public Library. The Nike AirForce 1's are the new addition to my shoe collection, adding quite a bold character to the outfit. Best part, they're easy go to for both dark and light outfits. Like in this one, where they fit in perfectly with my denims from Gas and shirt from Surface to Air. 

Special credits for the photography go to Sakshi Parikh

Lastly, I have something for all you music enthusiasts, I have been updating my Spotify playlist quite regularly. Would love to hear what you guys think of it. Check out MCLAVIN X

Have a great weekend.

Lav x
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Udai Vilas #1

Hey guys, hope y'all are doing well. I have finally settled down in my new place in NYC. It's just so magical, sometimes it gets hard to believe that I am even here. 
Work has been keeping me very busy, affecting my consistency with blogging. But no matter what, I'll still find out time to show you guys some cool inspirations. 

This is one of my posts from my visit to Udaipur, India. Where I went on a family vacation and all credits go to my lovely cousin who was kind enough to take my pictures there. Topping the outfit with one of my favourite shirts from Scotch & Soda with such a refreshing mint color, paired with shorts from All Saints and shoes from Prada. 

If you have any recommendations for cool places to visit in NYC, feel free to drop down a comment. 

Lav ;)

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