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Hey guys, this is my very first posts on fitness. A start of a new chapter and an exciting journey on Mclavin Style as I leave for New York this morning to begin my one year placement, I will be posting regular updates on Instagram as well. Also a good change for me and you from fashion and focusing on a very important topic in our everyday lives. We all want to look great and feel fresh, therefore, I'd like to share with y'all a few tips to incorporate in your life for not just having a great body but to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Beginning with:

1. Breakfast

According to me the most important meal of the day, I believe in having a super heavy breakfast with a mix of oats, eggs, peanut butter, toast etc. basically for me the list never ends Haa. Studies also reveal that individuals who eat a substantial amount of breakfast lose more weight than those have a small breakfast. 

2. Water

Drinking lots of water removes fat by-products, reduces hunger, increases metabolism and has zero fat. Instead of drinking aerated drinks or canned juices, water is a better and healthy alternative. As our bodies are made up of 70% of water, staying hydrated is very important. 

3. Eating Protein-Rich Meals

Protein diets (Chicken, Eggs, Fish, Tofu) help in faster fat loss - over the short term. Such a diet brings in sharp transformation in the body, but if continued for a longer period the body gets used to the protein, leading to excess protein storage and causing the body to gain back the lost weight. To tackle this always keep a good mix of proteins, carbs and fats (say 45%, 35% and 20%). Proteins play an important role in cell growth and generation which lead to glowing skin, healthy hair and strong muscles. 

4. Eat a Rainbow

Colours add charm to life and they do the same to your body. Try consuming various kinds of fruits and vegetables of different colours as each one of them has their own nutrient. Following this would relieve you of the stress whether you consume the right or wrong thing as you will be consuming minerals, vitamins and nutrients your body might require.

5. Rest

To allow the body to build muscle tissue, rest and recovery is essential. Studies reveal that an ideal sleep for most should be anywhere between 6-8 hours. While resting the energy consumption is lowered, allowing the body to use the high-quality food we eat during the day to efficiently build muscle. So make sure you get that right sleep, cause at the end of a busy day, even a lion needs to rest.

Hope y'all enjoyed.

#lavinfit #getfit

Lav ;)

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