Playa de Famara

 Hey guys ! Hope everyones doing great. Finally uni has started this week onwards, so back to usual lectures and library sessions. This is another one of my posts from Lanza, by this time it was getting a bit windy in the evenings over there. Keeping that in mind, I threw this pink shirt from Jack Wills along with white chinos from Sisley and slip ons from Aldo - very relaxed and casual. Sometimes playing with colors can be a bit puzzling, however Still take risks and more importantly, be confident and have fun with your stylings.

Lav ;)

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  1. Nice sneakers and pink shirt I really like.

  2. Pink shirt ? really you can even make Pink look good :O

  3. I really love your style!:) Great pictures! I follow you by lookbook bloglovin, instagram and facebook:)