Goodbye Delhi !

Helloo readers ! Hope everyones having a good wednesday. Well I am quite excited for mine as I am going to London today to watch and listen the one and only Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street.

 This is my last editorial from Delhi, wherein I went to Connaught Place and Khan Market, which are one of the oldest and quite popular places in the city for their retail outlets and eateries. For the outfit I went for something very easy and relaxed like that dark blue shirt from Club Monaco and jeans from Diesel. However the cloudy weather that day played to our advantage making the dark outfit standout against the light colours in the architecture. 

Lav ;)

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  1. I like the print of the shirt :-)

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  2. Really awesome. I love ur glasses (give me one, LOL). Your outfit was simple and gorgeous.

  3. Oh you were in Delhi? That's great! If you are looking for some Indian stuff in abroad, check out at!

  4. simple but cool!!! love it!