Colours ball

Last week has been quite a tiring one, starting off with alot of revision and then ending it with a bit of fun. I got back to GU last night from another surf tour, this time in Newquay. Surfing has become one of those sports I enjoy alot and try to participate as much as I can. Apart from that, Newquay as a place was just gorgeous, never felt like it was in the UK considering the sunny weather specially.

Looking at the outfit, I wore this suit by Troy Costa at Colours ball which was organised by my university a few weeks back. Probably one of the most swankiest suit I own, due to its colourfulness. Apart from that its feels and fits well at the same time. However the highlight for the outfit is the royal silk blue bowtie by Mrs Bowtie, which I actually tied myself. Quite proud of myself for that, which also made me realise that how classy they look compared to the pre-tied ones.

Photography by Yousif.

Lav ;)
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  1. Great attire!! so dapper and effortlessly shot
    Nice blog

    Greets Jon,
    Jon The Gold's Blog
    Ps: New outfit post, check it out ;-)

  2. The blazer is beautiful!! :-)
    Hugs from Spain.

  3. Great outfit with awesome Blazer. U look so chic and gorgeous bro.

  4. Looking Dapper ✌

  5. That tie is gorgeous!!!! Why don't you try something traditional? Make a pick from!