4 Foods That Whiten Your Teeth

A smile warms hearts and opens doors, also creating the first impression of you in minds of others. In that smile, your teeth play an important role too; yellow, crooked teeth might just close those open doors and take away that warmth. In the present time, there needs to be more to a smile, beautiful teeth enhancing that smile. Your teeth speak a lot about your health, acting as a mirror condition of your body. Due to increase in consumption of alcohol and smoking which leads to deteriorating health and oral condition. Before I move on, I don’t ask for you to quit on the above, but only to act in moderation.


Strawberries are red, beautiful and known as nature's love. Malic acid, the magical ingredient found in them which acts as a natural astringent to remove surface tooth discolouration. Best part, they are widely available and can be mixed and consumed in any meal - salads, desserts, cereal.

Seeds and Nuts:

These healthy fat and full of protein snacks are what you need to get those pearly whites. I usually consume them as my mini meal after lunch. Existing plaque and stains are rubbed off by the stimulate saliva of these hard foods leading to cleaner and whiter teeth.


Another high on Malic acid fruit leading to increase in saliva production leading to clean teeth helps to remove stains and fighting the bad breath and plaque causing bacteria. What's more, apples crispiness leads to strong gums. It also keeps teeth debris and gum bacteria at bay.


Acting as a sponge to your teeth, throw in a few into your lunch - every single chew is fighting those stains and plaque bacteria on the surface of your teeth. Their is high iron content found in greens like Broccoli which form a thin coat protecting the teeth from enamel eroding acids found in soda. Unlike other veges these don’t stay stuck in your teeth while munching.

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B L E U h o u n d s t o o t h

Lately, not just layering but layering well has become a necessity to go about in the city. That exact theory I implied on this outfit layering the shirt with a jacket both from Club Monaco. Recently, its become one of my favorite brands considering the style, fit and quality of their items, which are quite impeccable. Topping it up with the Burberry overcoat.

Apart from that I think I've been struck with the Denim fever, Im quite obsessed with the pair I got from Adriano Goldschmied, they happen to go well with whatever's on the top like in this case or previously with a simple tee. Some others I highly recommend checking out are Boga, 7 For all Mankind & Diesel.

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Photos: Yinka Soda


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Boda BLK •

With finally being back in NYC and catching up on the usual regime, this week has went quite well. These pictures were taken by Sakshi right before I left for India when the weather was still quite pleasant unlike now where today it had a puny decline to negative 6 celsius.
I have been longing to show this jacket for Boda Skins which completely defines and adds character to the outfit. I have had strangers come up to me and remark about it 'Thats a snazzy jacket you're wearing' or going a bit raunchy to 'That's one sexy jacket you have on you there'. 
Other items in the outfit include these new black denims from BLK DNM and shoes from Dr. Martens, along with shirt from Zara.
With fairly being active on Instagram, I recently posted a short video from one of my soon to come outfits. Would love to hear what you all think of it, to check it out CLICK HERE.
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Photos: Sakshi Parikh
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Williamsburg Pier - Brooklyn

What I'm wearing:

Trench - Club Monaco, Jacket -The Kooples, Shirt - Vincent Love, Chinos - Zara and Shoes - Dr. Martens

Its already been 3 days since I have been home and the feeling that I have to leave back to NYC in a few days doesn't excite me much (I mean it does who doesn't wanna be in NYC, but would be great if I could spend a few more days here lol).

Kicking off this week, firstly I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, full of presents and delicious food with family and friends. I personally had a great time as during the day, I met up with Yinka to shoot this outfit on the beautiful Williamsburg pier in Brooklyn, one of the best places in NYC to capture its beautiful skyline and later in the evening I met some other friends for a drink before my 17hr long flight to India.

 Talking outfits here, I recently have been double layering quite often, such as this olive coloured trench and blood red jacket. One of the new pieces in the outfit is my blue chambray shirt from Vincent Love, which I have been wearing quite often. It has become my go-to shirt due to its comfort and fit, each one of their shirts is handmade with care offering utmost quality to their consumers. Even in this outfit, the red colour of the buttons compliments the jacket enhancing the details.

Can you believe its 2 days to NYE? Time fly's way too fast. Have you got your outfits sorted?

Photography by Yinka Soda

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